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Welcome to the best boat name page on the internet.

updated by Captain Curran on 1/16/2018

I spend a lot of time out on the water and I’ve seen thousands of funny boat names.

I thought it would be cool to organize the funniest and most clever boat names into different categories based on boater personalities.

First I list some of my personal favorites, then I let you click into our popular list of boat name categories.

funny boat names

Some of my favorite funny boat names…

Row vs. Wade


Piece of Ship



In Decent Seas





Dock Holiday




Irish Wake

A-loan at Last


In Deep Ship


Amy’s Wine-House




Ship Faced






Seas the Day




Happy Hours


Bail Out


Hakuna Matata

Grounds for Divorce


What’s up Dock?


Rock Bottom


Berth Control


Sea Senora


She got the house


Plan B


The Salt Shaker


Knot On-Call


Pura Vida


Fish Tales


Reel Time



Liquid Asset




At Last


Knot Paid For


In Solvant Sea




Island Time


No Regrets


Docked Wages


On the Rocks




Miss Conduct


Tax Sea-vation

More funny boat names organized by the classic boating personalities.

Below, I’ve organized a huge list of funny boat names into the categories of the classic boating personality types.

If you’ve spent any time around marinas or boat docks, I’m sure you’re familiar with all these salty characters.

Click on a boat names category and ENJOY!

funniest boat names

About the author…

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best boat names

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We like to think we’ve included some of the best boat names out there on the water. If you see any other funny boat names, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know! Message us on our All Things Boat Facebook page.