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Sailors are often found moving slowly across the water while adjusting lines and trimming sails. This slow activity allows plenty of time to think up philosophical or funny sailboat names.

If you consider yourself a contemplative sailor with a keen sense of humor, we think you’ll enjoy our list of sailboat names.

Our list of funny sailboat names

Yada Yachta








Ship happens


Much Ado Aboat Nothing



Finnegan’s Wake


Comedy of Airs


All For Knot



funny sailboat names

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More names for sailboats


CARPe Diem






Can’t take it with ya


Why Naut?


Irattional exuburance


Dot Calm




Weather Oar Knot






Tomato Sloop


Without a Clew


Y Worry


Hope you enjoyed our list of funny sailboat names.

Sailing has been a lifestyle and a sport for me. I hardly know the person I was before I purchased my Newport 30. Some of my greatest heroes are single handed sailors. Chichester, Moitessier, Slocum – these guys are legends of the seven seas. If you have never heard of Joshua Slocum, then you can read about his life here. He wrote a great book called, ‘Sailing alone around the world.’ It should be in the main cabin of every sailboat. It’s an inspiration.

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