Owning a boat is a lot like being married. It requires a lot of attention but the pay off is wonderful. If you’re already married and then you get a boat, then having a boat is like having two marriages.

Having two marriages can be a problem. Fortunately, there’s two solutions.

1. Ditch the boat.

2. File for divorce.

If you’re leaning towards option #2, then you’ll appreciate these boat name ideas for the recently divorced or for the soon to be divorced.

Boat name ideas for the recently divorced

Grounds for Divorce


Wife Evader




Rock Bottom




Berth Control




In Decent Seas


After You

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More ideas for boat names for the soon to be divorced


Next Chapter


A -Loan-Again


Threw out Baby with the Bilgewater


Naut Home


Didn’t tell her


Passing wind


She’ll get over it


Joint Custody




Sea Senora


Knott Her’s


My Wife’s Mink