If you’re leaning towards a boat name that includes nautical puns – then you’ll appreciate our list of the following hilarious boat names based on boat puns.

written by Captain Curran

Best boat puns for funny boaters


Ich Bin Ein Bayliner


Knotty Buoy


Sea-cret Hide-aweigh


Ship for brains


Buoys Of Summer


Sea-nick Route


Bering in Mind


Sea-Gar A-Fish-ionado

hilarious boat names list

Hilarious boat names list


Titan Uranus


The Better Wetter


Sun-Day Driver




Yeah Buoy


Deep Ship


Campbell’s Sloup


Vitamin Sea





nautical puns

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best names for sailboats

More of the best boat names based on nautical puns

Jamaica Me Crazy!




Knot Pro Bono




Vitamin Sea


Without a Crew


Miss Fortune




Aloan at Last




A Fishy Nado


Bust Out Another Thousand

hilarious boat puns
hilarious boat names list

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We hope you enjoyed our list of boat names based on nautical puns…

These were the funniest names and the saltiest boat puns we’ve come across out on the water near our port in southern California. If you’re looking for more boating humor, then there’s a few other good spots on the internet highway. The Wooden Boat forum has a long thread going – where lots of folks enter in their favorite boat jokes. Here’s a link to that page on the forum.

This is an excerpt from one of my favorite lines from that forum.

A young skipper is contemplating his life at Sea. He looks over at his first mate and says, “You know, when its my time to go…I want to die peacefully in my sea bunk with a glass of bourbon, just like my grandfather – the great Sea Captain.”

The young skipper paused to reflect.

“I don’t want to die screaming in terror, like granpa’s passengers.”

Ok, well you can see I have dark taste in my sea-faring jokes…

Incidentally, if you know of any more hilarious boat names that aren’t on our list, please don’t hesitate to message us on our All Things Boat facebook page.

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