Dirty boat names for dirty boaters

//Dirty boat names for dirty boaters
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For some skippers, their boat is an extension of their own sex drive. These mariners can be seen returning from the high seas with a wild look in their eyes. They’re coming in hot and looking for any port in the storm.

If you’re into dirty names, then these dirty boat names are for you.

Dirty Boat Names List


Sloop Doggy Dog


The Court Ship


Tuna Wagon


Tail Chaser




Miss Behavin


The C-word


Dirty Little Oars


Marlin Monroe

dirty boat names



Summer Hummer


Wet Spot


Bone Doctor




Hot Ruddered Bums

Dirty names for boats

Sexual Heeling


Nauti Nurses


Bikini Inspector




Reel Booty


Still Jerkin


Reely Nauti

dirty names list for boats

More from our sexy boat names list

Shameless Hooker


Tuna Helper


Golden Rod


Happy Hooker


Play Buoy




Full of Sea-men

The Salty Swallow





Dripping Wet


The Filthy Oar


Fuelin Around


Let’s get Nauti-cal


The Other Women


Knotty Natalia


The Court Ship


Miss Behaving


The Pleasure Craft

A little Nauti


My Viagra


IV Play


Morning Wood


Teak for Two


Worm dangler


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Hope you got a good laugh from our dirty names for boats page!

Need some more boating/fishing humor, this page here is pretty good.

If you’re looking for a list of dirty names that aren’t necessarily for boats, you’ll like this page. And, if you know any other good sexy boat names, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll add them to our dirty boat name list. You can message us through our All Things Boat Facebook Page.