Yacht names for white-collar criminals

//Yacht names for white-collar criminals
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Did you benefit from the last financial crisis?

Have you ever been called a bankster-gangster ?

Are you purchasing your boat from a slush fund ?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then you may want to consider one of these yacht names for your next pleasure craft.

Clever yacht name list

Tax Sea-vation


Daily Rate


Petty Cash


Fishy Business




Knot Paid IV


Blown Assets


In Solvant Sea


Miss Demeanor


Miss Conduct


Frozen Assets

yacht names



Bill Collector


Miss Appropriation


A-Salt Weapon


Crime Pays

More yacht names for lawyers and gangsters


Moby Debt


Sails Call


Son’s Tuition




A crewed Interest


Bail Me Out






names for yachts

Meal Ticket


Direct Deposit




Drug Money


Capital Gains


Reel Dividends


Karmic Debt


Got debt?


Bail out


Easy Winnings


Stimulus Package




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Principal Interest


Quick Sale


Jail Break


Negative Equity


Stocks and Blondes 


Bankers Hours


Branch Office

In D Red




SDock Options


Sons College Fund




Deeper Debt




College Fund


Bill Collector


Bull Market


Budget Surplus








Before Taxes


Attorney-Client Privilege




The Loan Ranger


Liquid Asset


Joint Venture


Mea Culpa

Hope you got a laugh out of our list of yacht names for shady boaters. And yes, we realize that not all yacht captains are white collar criminals, just most of them…

If you want to make sure you’re keeping up with the Jones’s, here’s a list of the largest yachts as of 2016. These vessels have more seaboard than any skipper could possibly want. I imagine that once you’re over 500 feet in length, its not really about the salty, skipper lifestyle anymore. I don’t know what its about come to think of it, but I just can’t imagine Jimmy Buffet blasting out of these speakers.

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