Great boat names for heavy drinkers

//Great boat names for heavy drinkers
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Most boaters like rum. But perhaps you LOVE rum.

Perhaps you love rum and gin and cold Mexican beers and Margaritas and bourbon and tequila and Sangria and white wine and port wine and whiskey and did I mention cold Mexican beers???

If this sounds about right, you may want to consider one of these drinking boat names. Here’s our list of great boat names for boozers…

List of great boat names for drinkers

On the Rocks


Wasted Seamen


Three Sheets


Shaken not Stirred


Titties n’ Beer




Amy’s Wine-House


Blood, sweat and beers


Vintage Whine


Irish Wake

drinking boat names



Sir Ossis of the River




Ship Faced


Its noon somewhere

wine boat names

More great names for boozy boaters




Mr. Tip-sea


Liquid Diet


Whiskey Chaser


Hooked on Tonics



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~Captain Curran (author of this boat names page)

best names for sailboats

Hope you enjoyed our list of great boat names for alcoholics, boozers, beer drinkers and cocktail sipping skippers. Here at All Things Boat, we are huge fans of the classic boating cocktail, the Dark n’ Stormy. This is a special blend of ginger beer and rum, served with lots of ice and lots of bravado. If you’re looking for some high level, extra fancy recipes for mixing up one of these nautical cocktails, then here’s a good page. Sailing World lists recipes for a few award winning renditions. Apparently, the secret is purple basil garnish…who knew?

And remember, if you’re going to get hammered on a boat, make sure the boat remains tied up to the dock. That’s the best way to enjoy a good boating buzz. You do not want to mess around with the Coast Guard after a handful of cocktails. You might end up with a BUI.

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