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Do fish fear you?

And…if not. . .  are they at least bothered by you?

Either way, there’s more to fishing than just catching fish.

First of all – there’s beer. Second of all, there’s cracking jokes with your friends while you’re out on the water.

You’re on your own with the beers, but we can help you out with the jokes.

Without further delay, here is our world class list of funny fishing boat names.

Our list of funny fishing boat names



Flounder Pounder


Nuclear Fishin


Bent Rods


Reel Magic




Cod squad


funny fishing boat names

Master Baiter


The Cod-Father


Off Da Hook

The Real Reel




Fin and tonic




Angler Dangler


Bye the Nauts

fishing names

More funny boat names for fishermen


Fear Knot


Beached Buoys




Virtual Reel-ality

fish boat names

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best names for sailboats

Hope you got a laugh from our list of funny fishing boat names.

If that wasn’t enough boat humor for you, then here’s a good page for fishing jokes. These jokes are pretty PG, so they’re safe to share with the whole family. For example…

Question: Where does a fish keep its money?

Answer: In the River Bank of course!

If you want to see more funny boat names fishing isn’t the only category. We provide clever names for divorcees, gangsters, sailors and job quitters. Follow the links below!

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