Good boat names for permanent cruisers

//Good boat names for permanent cruisers
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Maybe you’ve had it up to HERE and you just can’t take it anymore!

Perhaps your boss just dumped a pile of reports on your table. Instead of filling out those reports, you stood up, kicked down your cubicle wall and you quit that job.

Days later, when the reality of no income and no health care settled in, did you panic?

No, no you did not.

You loaded food, water and fishing poles onto your boat and you headed south for Mexico. Indefinitely.

Well…if you’ve even done half of that, then you’ll appreciate our list of boat names for those quitting the rat race.

Awesome boat names for future expats


A Wave from it All


Knot working




Current address





awesome boat names



Licensed to Chill




Ctrl + Alt + Delete


Deadliest Couch


Das Reboot

More awesome names for unemployed boaters


Seize the Bay


Knot on Call


Docked Wages

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~Captain Curran (author of this boat names page)

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