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Does your state require a boating license or a boater education card?

Each state in the US has different requirements for boater education. A boater education card or a boating license may be required for you to operate your boat in your state. This page will quickly inform you of your state’s boater education requirements.

More than 40 states have some educational requirements for boating within state waters. In general, states are becoming more strict regarding who is required to carry a boater education card or certificate on board their vessel. To obtain the card, you will need to take a state sanctioned boater safety course and/or pass a boater safety test.

States are most likely to demand boater education cards from younger boaters or from operators of personal watercraft (Jet Ski, Waverunner, Sea-Doo, ext…).

Most states are engaged in a gradual phase in depending on age. So, as time passes, older aged boaters will be asked to obtain a boater education card.

Even if your state doesn’t require a boater education card or a boating license, it’s still a good idea to take a boat safety course – as you may receive a discount on your insurance.

Click on your state to find out your legal requirements.

We hope this list helps you stay aware and compliant with your state’s boater education and boating license requirements.

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