Perilous Times at Sea

//Perilous Times at Sea

While boating around the harbor, this older vessel caught my eye, ‘Perilous Times’.

I like this boat. I think this boat may represent a whole new category of boat names.

‘Boat names for the end of days’

Perhaps as the sea levels rise in the upcoming decades, we will see more boaters take to their skiffs and abandon their homes…




Let’s be honest, the world is a bit screwed and when the sh@! hits the fan – where do you want to be?

Do you want to be in a home in a city? in a suburb, do you want to be off in the forest?

Not me, I know just where I want to be when we reach the end of days. I want to be out at Sea, in a boat – with everything I need to survive loaded onto the boat. This means fishing poles, canned food, water distillation system – plenty of tools and raw materials to fix issues as they arise.

Now, let me be clear – I do not think we are anywhere near this type of apocalyptic event. But that doesn’t mean we can’t reflect on the possibility. As this boat is warning us, we are living in Perilous Times.

Perhaps as the chaos and the climate change escalates on our planet, we will begin to see more boats named to reflect the apocalyptic mood.


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