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Want to add nautical lighting to your living space?

King Tide Lights designs, builds and sells unique, nautical lamps.

port and starboard lamp

King Tide Lights is a lighting company based in San Diego, California. We are honored to be selling our lamps on the All Things Boat website.

The beautiful, nautical pendant lamps below are inspired by buoys floating at sea. The lampshades are built from re-purposed industrial steel.

Steel pendant lamps

nautical pendant lights

Red and White Nautical Lamp

Plug in pendant lamp. Lampshade built from repurposed steel.

Large size: 11 inches tall.


blue nautical lamps

Blue and White Nautical Lamp

Plug in pendant lamp. Lampshade built from repurposed steel.

Large size: 11 inches tall.


copper nautical pendant lights

Copper and Gray Nautical Lamp

Plug in pendant lamp. Lampshade built from repurposed steel.

Medium size: 7 inches tall.


nautical lantern

Mediterranean Nautical Lamp

Plug in pendant lamp. Lampshade built from repurposed steel.

Medium size: 7 inches tall.


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Our nautical lamp shades are hand-made from re-purposed industrial steel.

King Tide Lights collects steel caps from the South San Diego bay shipyards. These caps originally protected the gauges and valves on high pressure gas tanks (acetylene, oxygen, ext.). The steel caps are then cleaned up and converted into pendant lampshades. The nautical lampshades are painted in a customized manner to create a worn patina color field that resembles buoys floating at sea (lobster pot buoys, navigational markers, ext.) Mottled paint layers are wet sanded and finally protected in clear coat to preserve the patina.

These lights are built to last for centuries.

More nautical themed lamps

King Tide Lights sells other popular lamps that share a similar coastal and sea-faring style.

Click on an image below to learn more about each light on their Amazon page.

We are big fans of the rope lamp.

The electrical and structural elements of this table lamp are hidden inside natural corded ‘abaca’ rope.

Brilliant conversation starter in the living room and also works well in a boat’s main cabin.

Mason jar solar lamps have been very popular this year.

You receive a 3-pack of solar jar lids. The lids have a tiny solar panel facing out. During the day, the panel stores energy on an included AA battery. Then – when it gets dark, the battery activates a LED light. This makes the whole jar glow with a silver light. Very cool!

We’ve got lots of these in our backyard.

Gorgeous, antique-style Nantucket lighthouse table lamp.

This is a very classy way to bring the seaside into your home. The lighthouse is ceramic and built around a metal base. The round lampshade is made of white cloth fabric.

This one looks good and appropriate in every room in the house.

Brass port and starboard lamps

Port and Starboard lights are traditionally mounted on a ship’s bow.

All seafaring vessels are required to display port and starboard lights. These navigational lights communicate your vessel’s heading to any oncoming traffic.

The green lantern sits on the starboard side of your boat, while the red light sits on the port side. When ships pass each other, the Rules of the Sea dictate that boats should pass with their port side facing the port side of the oncoming vessel.

When ships pass in the night, these lights identify the port and starboard side of each vessel.

The lamps below are antique reproductions of these traditional, navigation lights. They’re designed to add a nautical element to your home.

Here is our favorite port and starboard model.

These are perfect table lamps for your home or office. Hardware is also included to allow for a wall mount.

  • Material: Solid brass housing with glass lens
  • Size: 6 x 8 x 12 inches
  • Bulb socket: standard, medium-size – fits all regular size light bulbs
  • 8 feet of lamp cord, on-off switch, wall mount hardware
  • Shipment includes 2 nautical lanterns
  • Built by Vermont Lanterns

Welcome to the King Tide Lights workshop…

brass nautical lighting

King Tide Lights builds each lamp one-at-a-time in a workshop in Ocean Beach, California.

Our steel nautical lampshades are built from the retired caps from compressed air tanks.

Each nautical lamp is ‘field tested’ above our work bench before shipping out.

King Tide lighting makes ideal nautical gifts for boaters.

steel nautical lamps

Owner, Kevin Curran, preparing to wet-sand a batch of lampshades.

gifts for sailors

3 large nautical lamps ready to ship.

nautical lamp shades

Nautical lighting installment at 2014 gallery opening of Gregg’s Art and Surf shop.

brass nautical lanterns

2 large nautical lamps hung over a patio table in Del Mar, CA.

nautical gifts

You can see our pendant lights hanging in the Teeter design store and the Matuse surf shop in San Diego, California.

If you’re passing through New Orleans, stop by the Publiq House on Freret Street, a set of our 7-inch pendant lamps are hanging over the bar.

nautical table lamps

Thanks for visiting our nautical lighting store.

Here at King Tide Lights, we try to bring the spirit of the open ocean to our nautical lamps. Our employees are all sailors and spend a lot of time on boats (probably too much time).

For the most part, we can be found cruising near the San Diego coastline. In fact, the two-tone, faded color design of our nautical lamp shades is inspired from the lobster pot buoys that are often crowding the entrance to the Mission Bay jetty. There’s been many nights, when we’ve returned after dark and ended up with these lobster buoy lines snagging our rudders and propellers. Perhaps, this is why the lobster pots have made such an impression on us…

Either way, we think these brass lanterns and nautical lamps make excellent nautical gifts. If you’re looking for gifts for sailors or gifts for boaters, then please try a King Tide Light.

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