We know that many of our readers are in the Seattle area…

For the sake of these folks we wanted to share a resource. Our friends at the Captain’s Log have put together a collection of travel logistics for boats traveling through the Puget Sounds area. If you are fortunate enough to own a boat in this part of the world, then you know how special the cruising grounds are. Some people regard this area as the best cruising grounds of all the US cities.

I think this is true, however it is also one of the chillier cruising grounds in the US. Perhaps on par with Maine, however, if you are tough you can sail year round in Seattle. Not so much in Maine.

Either way, here is the article on Sailing Puget Sound, boating distances from Seattle to nearby harbors. This is a great page to have bookmarked for reference. Here is a page of tides and currents for the area, put together by NOAA. Be cautious of the currents in narrow passages. Waters will become turbulent…

Once you exit the Ballard Locks, the world is your oyster. You can head south to the tranquil, protected waters of south Puget Sound, you can tuck into Vashon Island, or you can do as I normally did – and head north.

North takes you to the eclectic town of Port Townsend and then once you have your courage up – you can cross in the San Juan Islands. From there it is one island after the next until you hit the glaciers of Alaska. At that point, you should probably come home.


boating distances from seattle

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